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Autosync machine?

2 years ago
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I need to change my Global Offset. Is there a way to do this automatically, or do I just have to try different values until I find something close?
2 years ago
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this feature would be nice, but i wouldn't be surprised if it's put off for a while. in the mean time you can try this:

use stepmania 5's calibrate audio sync to get a specific value, subtract 3ms from that, and use that as a starting point.

They show you a lot of timing information, particularly average offset, so i'd suggest finding a really easy song and practicing it until it's easy for you, then playing it a bunch and guess&check the offset once you are close. idk which song is best for this
2 years ago
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The biggest issue I've run into is syncing the game to my monitor (TV).
one year ago
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At the end of a song, this game will always show you your total average offset under the Timing tab, so if you know you stepped accurately to the beat, you can subtract this value divided by 1000 from the current global offset to get a more accurate one.

From my experience this is actually much more exact than even the Stepmania 5 auto sync machine function, because this way you are taking the average over the entire song instead of it continually updating every few seconds as you play.

For example, if...
Current global offset = 0.000 (default)
Song average offset = 50 ms
go into options, and change your offset to be "-0.050" (make sure to include the minus sign)

Or if...
Current Global Offset = -0.073
Song average offset = -8 ms
Change Global Offset to: -0.065 (negative number subtracting negative number)

^ Of course, keep in mind this is all assuming you stepped perfectly accurately on average, when in practice it's likely you may be a few milliseconds early or late overall. I personally tend to be a few MS late because I'm new to reading 9-panel and this still delays some of my motions slightly even on easy songs.

You can always adjust this later though. Just... anytime it feels like you're not getting Perfects or Greats when you think you should... you can check this offset after a song and maybe tweak by half of that or something to get a more happy medium where you can get the most Perfects.

There's also a lot of other stats you can check under the Timing tab, including even how many Miss/Good/etc you got on a *per panel* basis. They may at some point add a machine autosync mechanism, but there's already a ridiculous amount of data shown in-game to help you step more accurately, once you learn how to use it!
one year ago
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Also, somebody wrote a "sync chart" to the "Up & Down" song with only simple left and right arrows. This can help a lot to find your perfect offset. Check the "Content" section of this forum later for a direct download link! I'll try to make sure one is posted.